Project Description

2002 Founding Charter «Dairy Brothers » positioning itself as a cultural and social organization that aims to develop the competitiveness of Russian music market , to attract sponsors and investment, and ultimately, the development of cultural ties between Russia and other countries , participation in international festivals and international projects. Sandler Show project — the main presently the object of attention of the Charter.

Igor Sandler Producer Center is a new and unique product of the entertainment industry. It is based on the synthesis of music and theater arts. This is not a concert or a musical. This performance, in which the scene unfold dramatized scenes, like the one that we used to see in the music video, with the only difference being that the action takes place in front of us, in real time. Music of the show is also quite difficult to classify.

It is based on Rock, but it is far from orthodox views about this style. Rather, it is a kind of modern mature form of musical thinking involved on the traditional values ​​of the rock culture. Due to the originality of the show is impossible to talk about it in the way conventional notions. This is the case when easier to see once. New Theater. Nuclear blend of ethnic traditions and modern alternative music. Different view of the stage space + modern technology. Sandler Show — is vision at life through the prism of myth-making. Each fantastic way to limit saturated with music, the play of light and metaphysics of human existence.

Eternal theme: life, death , love, hate. All facets of reality and that beyond. The scene turns into a spectacle of planetary scale. Participate in the project: one of the best guitarists of Russian Dmitry Chetvergov, which developed its master school and conducts its own master-class youth, and others less well-known professional musicians.