Project Description

All started in late 2012, when Igor Sandler got the idea to combine the world rock stars in one team and overtake this lineup several cities in Russia. Just a few calls and musicians gladly responded, expressing his desire to show Russia what the classic rock is.
Musicians from such rock bands as Ozzy Ozbourne, AC / DC, Rainbow , and other popular rock bands: Bobby Rondinelli ( drums ), Chris Slade ( drums ), John Corabi ( vocals ), Greg Smith ( bass ), Creig Goldy ( guitar ) and Geoff Nicholls ( keyboards) visited Moscow at 30th january . These stars from various rock projects came together to hold a concert tour in Russia and give a free master class to Igror Sandler Producer Center’s students..
Press conference attended by over 100 journalists. Each of them wanted to ask masters of the world of rock music and get autograph. Musicians willing to communicate with everyone, photographed and talked about his project.

The essence of the project is to collect world stars in different structures and bring in Russia on tour. Concerts will take place constantly in different cities of our country. The idea is pretty simple, and yet very serious and interesting, the West has a positive experience in implementing similar projects » — Igor Sandler said. One such project is already implemented by producer — in December 2012th.Moscow met Keri Kelli, Graham Bonnett, Chas West, Phil Soussan and others. For three days the musicians gave four concerts and participated in many Telephoto ( Evening Urgant, Good Morning , etc . ) .

Students of Igor Sandler Pruducer Center had the opportunity to ask advice from the world’s leading musicians, after the press conference came on stage drummer Bobby Rondinelli and delivered together with the children. Musician was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism , and told «It was really good. Good drums. Very cute single » (It was really good. Great drumming. Very attractive song). The musicians also gave the children a free master class .
The question arises: what brings famous musicians in Russia and in the national tour it? As said John Corabi: its purpose — to play your favorite music for the Russian fans — they are the best fans in the world .
Despite the fact that the musicians had not acted in such a composition, they say he has to play and no extra rehearsals can go on stage like a rock energy directs itself hands . » All you need — just feel the heart» — Creig Goldy said.
After the press conference, the musicians went to discuss new projects with Igor Sandler in his office, where having fun taking pictures with his beloved cat named Aristarchus, as well as a traditional Russian drink — kefir milkman Tevye brand .
Rock stars were very happy warm welcome and promised again and again to return to Russia . Who knows what else they proctitis bring to our country. And while they went to a concert tour of Ivanovo — Moscow — Saratov — Vladikavkaz — Krasnodar Cities.