Project Description

The basic principle underlying the establishment of the company ERG — clear and principled position in the implementation of the goals and objectives outlined the requirements of the present time.
And this position is as follows:
Complete lack of desire to sweep the world soulless and cheap tools. This is akin to the production of poor-quality artillery shells , which is able to produce only a single shot, and not hitting the target, crumble into dust.

• Each tool should have a higher degree of reliability !
• Stringent selection of tree species exclusively musical special degree of exposure, a certain percentage of moisture , and only a professional cut ( 4A and 5A to master Grady ) !
• Individual approach to each instrument.
( Check for special equipment acoustic data tree , pedantry in finishing , assembly and tuning your guitar )
• Failure to use a tool to work on exotic species of wood that do not meet the technological and musical requirements of this type of work.
• The maximum ergonomics, comfort and convenience.
• The persistence of traditional , style and other features of the existing world of legendary brands.
• A scientific approach to design, sound and production using the latest achievements of Israeli and world technologies in freehold .
• Constant contact with the creative musicians whose experience is the main driving force towards perfection.

Technological aspects , which are based on our production .
• We use wood in their work at least 12 years of aging in natural drying conditions .
Israeli hot climate and low humidity promotes the best way possible selection of material to create tools and rich overtones susteyn .
• It is known that the varnish is both protected from the effects of wood destroying the external environment, and a means of external finishes guitar , its aesthetic side . It is very important to choose the nail that best will meet these requirements, with the thickness of the coating should not exceed 100 microns.
A very important point regarding electronics.
• All electronic components of the guitar should be very high quality , made ​​by the world’s best companies . Soldering should be a professional solder. Our instruments made ​​exclusively brazing solder with a high silver content .
• Bonding main wooden components is strictly organic adhesives best American manufacturers. After gluing, maintained a certain period, which allow different species of wood as possible » to get used to each other» in order to avoid distortion in the future.
• The pickups are chosen for each model guitar , given her mental and stylistic orientation. We use our tools to equip not only pickups different firms , but also our production.
• Despite the fact that we are not supporters painted , » tattooed » guitars, and we believe that the instrument should be primarily musical, we have an opportunity to make high-quality inlays on an individual project customer.

Producer Igor Sandler Center actively cooperates with well-known Israel firm ERG-the company produces professional guitar studio and world-class facilities.