Project Description

First round was attended by over 1000 teams from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Voting accompanied great excitement. Every day it participated 15-20 000. There were such methods and achievements of the first lines of the rating, as wrapping counters and hacker attacks. It took a lot of effort to ensure the objective of the voting results, but overall it worked .

Expert juries of Igor Sandler Producer Center listened all materials form every band. In the second round winners automatically passed overall ranking participants, weekly ratings as well as the contestants, selected by the jury.

Second round concerts went to various clubs from November to March, with a break at the end of December-January. At this stage, the festival was attended by 364 staff.
All concerts in the second round were broadcasted on the Internet.. As a result, live performances experts chose the winners in each category of the festival.
The final concert was held at the Alexei Kozlov’s club in the Olympic complex. All day on two stages in parallel club performances finalists were invited to the festival and the headliners. The concert was visited by many guests, including a huge number of stars who have supported the festival.